Emergency Pet Care

Emergency Vet on Call 24-Hours

When your pet suddenly becomes ill or suffers an injury you have to act quickly as every minute that passes is crucial. Finding an emergency vet nearby or that you can rely on in such a short time can be stressful which is why Dryden Animal Clinic is proud to offer 24-hour emergency service when you need it. Your trusted vet is there for you during an emergency. We know your pet so we can help better diagnose and treat your companion faster than an animal clinic that wouldn’t know your pet’s medical history.

24-Hour Emergency Pet Care

No matter what time of day, our veterinarian physician is there to help your pet through any medical emergency that may occur. We provide 24-hour round the clock emergency and critical care for your pet. If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency call Dryden Animal Clinic immediately at (607) 844-9788.

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