Pet Boarding

When going on vacation or out of town one of the biggest stressors when planning is who is going to watch your pet? Finding a good place to board or a family member or friend to watch them can be hard and stressful. You want to make sure your pet is properly cared for and will be ok while you are gone. At Dryden Animal Clinic in Freeville, NY, we take the planning and worrying away so you can rest easy knowing your pet is safe and happy. With our pet boarding services, we strive to make our home your pet’s home away from home.

Pet Boarding

Luxury Pet Amenities

When you board your pet with Dryden, we take your pet’s needs into account. From outdoor time to scheduled feedings, distributing medications if needed and even scheduled play time and socializing. We strive to make your pet’s time with us a pleasant one so that they will want to come back time and time again. If you have questions about our amenities or rates call our office today at 607-844-9788 and our friendly experienced staff will help you out.

Your Pet’s Home Away from home

When you board your pets at Dryden Animal Clinic we’ll make your pet feel like part of the family. We offer personalized care to make your pet feel at home so you can rest easy knowing your pet is safe, secure, and having a great time with us. Call Dryden Animal Clinic today at (607) 844-9788 for more information or to schedule your boarding time. We look forward to spending quality time with your pet.

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